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A GM-less, solo or collaborative, choose your own adventure style cyberpunk TTRPG set in Neo-Millennia. 

Welcome! This is a rough, ROUGH prototype for Escape from Neo-Millenia. Please expect a more updated version in which the story evolves and ideas grow. It’s not perfect. This is just a demo of the mechanisms and a chance to put some game design out into the universe within 48 hours for the Cyberpunk by Asian Creators Jam!

I also have incorporated Storytelling Collective’s Flash February Fiction Challenge in this version, in which 28 prompts were provided everyday in February to incite creativity and writing. Flash Fiction is usually less than 1,500 words a day. 500 words is actually pretty good. This document has closer to 5,000 words. I just flash forwarded those 28 days into this project. Look for the following prompts in any of the sections: Space. Time. Heart. Sky. Challenge. Oath. Inspiration. Weapon. Food. Creature. Music. Old. New. City. Desert. Mountain. Mood. Colour. Senses. Future. Peace. War. Travel. Home. Belief. Magic. Lost. Found.

Please keep safe during this game. Your wellbeing matters more than this game! 

Find them here: 

TTRPG Safety Toolkit by Kienna Shaw (@KiennaS) and Lauren Bryant-Monk (@jl_nicegirl)

Support Tools Compilation by Natalie (@rpgnatalie) 

I appreciate all feedback that can be provided :) I loved CYOA books, especially Fighting Fantasy, as a child. This combines my love for TTRPGs and interactive fiction!


Buy Now$6.00 CAD or more

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